Baguette Shoulder Bag Review

the perfect bag for summer

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A small bag wasn’t on my must-have list. I just wrote a blog post about the only bags you’ll need, it only included three bags, and a small bag was not on the list. That is until I saw the Baguette Shoulder Bag from Portland Leather. What a cutie!

This petite purse caught my eye because of the color options. Sunflower and Deep Water are some of my favorites, but I chose the beautiful Peacock color, which sells quickly! After missing it the first time it came out, I snatched it up the second time. Read on for all the other reasons I love this bag.


Think of a baguette, a little loaf standing only 6″ tall and 10″ wide. The 9.5″ short shoulder strap adds an extra touch for a chic, polished look, and the exterior is further enhanced with a full outer pocket. The bag fits all your essentials for a night on the town or a day spent shopping with the girls. The bag can easily hold your phone, wallet, keys, and other essentials such as lipgloss or mini hand sanitizer. The outside pocket is a perfect place for your sunnies or reading glasses.



This is my fifth Portland Leather bag, and they are so easy to care for. The bags are made from full-grain American leather. With use, the leather will condition itself from the inside out, developing a beautiful finish and unique character over time. Any minor scratches or stains become less notable over time and add to the beauty and character of each bag.

How to Style

I’m showing two ways to style the Baguette Shoulder Bag, one a little dressy and the other more casual. But styling this bag is so easy because the color options make it so versatile. Workout clothes, a summer matching short set, a breezy jean-and-blouse combo — this bag literally elevates anything I wear.

If you are shopping the mini bag trend, this Baguette Shoulder Bag is the perfect fit. It’s small enough not to be in the way but still big enough to hold my essentials and then some. The unique color makes the bag a lovely accent piece for any outfit.

So embrace the cuteness, the small, and the little bags. They are going to be perfect for the summertime!

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