Examining the Decision to Look Younger

Is there room for everyone on the mid-life jorney?

no filter and no makeup

A few weeks ago, while out with a friend, she revealed that she had received Botox treatment on her face. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the positive changes and thought she looked great. However, despite having a good time, I couldn’t shake off a slightly unsettled feeling after hearing the news, and I couldn’t figure out why.

Then a few days later, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition featured 81-year-old Martha Stewart on their cover, a significant achievement for mature women. While some celebrated this, others pointed out the airbrushing and possible plastic surgery or Botox injections, highlighting the unrealistic expectations of aging set by the photo. 

As I stared at my reflection in the mirror, I began to question whether I should try Botox or get fillers. I had always been confident that these treatments weren’t for me at this point in my life, but now I felt uncertain.



To address the questions on my mind, I took some time to reflect on the concept of #wearthedamnboots and my values and beliefs. After some reflection, my perspective remains the same: all women, regardless of age, should be free to make their own choices about their bodies without facing criticism, envy, or judgment.

I am passionate about promoting a natural and positive aging process. How we age should be a personal choice, and I hope to inspire others with my story. I have written about skincare, my own experience with skin cancer, and my choice to use clean skincare products. I recently conducted an Instagram poll to understand how others view these topics. The results revealed that many women purchase products to reduce signs of aging, alter their appearance, and consider using Botox. The poll results are shown below.

My Stance

While my friend’s experiences and the SI cover are related, it’s not just about appearance. As an advocate of aging, this stage of life is an opportunity to become the best version of ourselves. This means being free to choose how we age without fear of judgment. I see both women exercising their freedom to decide how they want to age on their terms, much like my friend Margaret @aging_is_amazing and the #silversisters, who celebrate and embrace their natural beautiful gray hair.

Martha broke the glass ceiling by appearing on the SI cover at her age. While I’d love more representation of naturally aging women in the media, her example proves that life doesn’t stop as we age. It serves as a reminder that it’s always possible to turn a new page in your life, regardless of age.

The Lesson

The moral of the story is that everyone has a place on the journey of aging, and it is their right to choose how they want to age. Please share your thoughts on Botox or other beauty treatments in the comments section.




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