Lisa’s Letter 1.22.24

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Hello lovelies

women sitting in a chairWelcome to our weekly letter, where we explore the things that bring happiness, inspiration, and a little bit of magic into our lives. This newsletter is your personal guide to my favorite things, including fascinating books, exciting fashion finds, and delicious recipes that are too amazing not to share.

Let’s jump into some of the things I am currently loving this week.


listening to the First Lie Wins, and so far, it’s got me hooked

some interesting tidbits from Cosmo about Sex After 60 

give me all the inexpensive self-care ideas, please

and last, what does your water bottle say about you?


this big RED scarf

a book my sister recommended about healthy living

a new way to make coffee

refills on this firming fluid and this recovery oil


turkey salsa bowls with tortilla wedges

this Mediterranean White Bean soup on a cold night

Sweet Potato Nachos for the Ravens game


embroidering flowers onto an old sweater

next project but with a twist

The Blog

if you have the winter blues check out this post how to Beat the Winter Blues

now New Year diet for me; I’m trying to break the diet cycle

remember, embrace your beauty at any age

I hope you have discovered something new or have been reminded of an old favorite.

Warm wishes,

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