The Importance of Self-Celebration

The What and the How

I’ve talked a lot on this blog and my Instagram about self-care and self-compassion but not about self-celebration. It feels awkward, a little weird, and very conceded to celebrate yourself. Right?

But it shouldn’t be. We are all facing the pressures of being successful, doing the next big thing, and keeping up with every new trend or idea we see on social media. We look to others to see how hard we work and rely on them to congratulate us. It becomes all about the hustle. And if we never stop to celebrate ourselves and we keep pushing on to the next goal or desire, we burn out.

What Is Self-Celebration

Celebrate the skin you’re in!

Self-celebration isn’t bragging; it’s not about proving your worth or being mean. It’s about celebrating you as you are right now, not who you want to be in the future. It’s about figuring out what brings you joy and doing more of it. It’s about accepting the parts of you that you don’t love. It’s all about the tiny everyday wins.

How to Self-Celebrate

You can self-celebrate in all kinds of ways; it can be telling yourself “good job” for getting your daily amount of water or buying yourself a new lipstick for not complaining all day, but it starts with the conscious acknowledgment of your accomplishments, large or small. It’s not about waiting for some big momentous occasion. You’re celebrating the fact that you are worth it, you are enough, and you’ve done something you’re proud of.

Four Ways I Self-Celebrate


Each morning I write a couple of notes in my journal. I write down if I’ve accomplished something, big or small. For example, I recently gave up diet Coke. The first time I went a whole day without one, I wrote about it in my journal and how the accomplishment made me feel. It helped me recognize this fantastic feat and motivated me to keep going.

Special Self-Care

While congratulating yourself for a job well done, take extra time for yourself, like a leisurely bubble bath or a glass of wine and a good book, and use this as an opportunity to indulge yourself. Whatever your self-care choice is, make sure you set aside the time and celebrate yourself!

Share with Your People

We all should have someone in our lives that we can go to with excellent news about ourselves, and they will celebrate with us without judgment or jealousy. This relationship should go both ways as you celebrate and encourage one another.

Post on Social Media

Stop and celebrate yourself, big or small!

If you are on social media and give lots of love and encouragement to others, there is nothing wrong with celebrating yourself here. Your closest friends and family will join you in your self-celebration, and it can encourage others to do the same.

These are some unique and special ways I like to self-celebrate. There are lots of other obvious ways to celebrate, like buying yourself something, throwing a party, or planning a trip. However, you decide to self-celebrate is up to you, but all of them are valid, and you are worthy of self-celebrating.

Whatever your journey, I encourage you to stop and look at how far you’ve come, feel your inner strength, celebrate it and keep moving.

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