Three Types of Bags Every Woman Needs

yes, you only need three

I’m very organized these days, and I keep my life in my handbag, like most women.

                                                                               -Britt Ekland

The purse is one of the most functional essential accessories you’ll ever own. They hold all our daily valuables and can help polish off our outfits. Many people change their purses to match their everyday outfits, but I focus on quality, versatility, and affordability as I age. I prefer a few classic bags that can carry you through the seasons rather than a whole closet full of bags. I’m sharing my three must-have bags for every women’s wardrobe.

“Almost Perfect” Leather Tote Bag Oversized in Nutmeg

Large Everyday Tote

This large top-handle bag must hold almost everything from your laptop to books and anything else you need. This bag must be large and practical yet stylish, without a bunch of zippers or buckles. Choose one in neutral-color leather like black or medium to dark brown so that scuffs and stains won’t be noticeable, and you can carry it year-round. This bag is a workhorse, so you must select one that can handle daily use, last a long time, and still be in vogue. My choice is the “Almost Perfect” Leather Tote Bag. It’s sturdy and soft and features English Bridle handles. This bag is made to last and never goes out of style. A sizeable everyday tote is a staple that you can’t go without.



woman carrying a crossbody bag
Butterfly Bucket Bag in Coldbrew

Mid-Sized Crossbody Bucket Bag

A mid-sized bucket bag is perfect when you want to be hands-free and don’t need a large tote. Quickly moves from day to night and weekday to weekend, this versatile bag is a must-have. A bag like this carries all the essentials and a little extra, like a book or tablet, which makes it the perfect bag to take on a trip. Ideally, I like this bag to have a pocket or two to help with organization and an adjustable strap. Again a neutral color such as black or brown will carry you all year round. My favorite mid-sized crossbody is the Butterfly Bucket Bag from Portland Leather. It’s sleek and structured with an adjustable strap and two pockets. It fits my current read, which makes it my new favorite bag.




bag in tan
The Hawthorne in tan

The Everyday Bag

This bag is smaller than the other bags but slightly larger than a classic clutch. It can carry all your essentials like your phone, wallet, some lipstick, and a travel-sized hairspray. It can quickly go from work to happy hour and expresses your style. You can go with a color for this one, but I still like to stick in the tans, browns, and gray color families for versatility. My choice is the Hawthorne Crossbody Bag from Portland Leather. The structure is perfect for everyday use, and the tan color goes with everything.

You might have noticed that these bags come from the Portland Leather Company. I am not affiliated with them and don’t make any money from this post. I just really love their bags. The quality is excellent, and you don’t have to spend a fortune. After I bought the Oversized Tote from them, I was hooked.

I encourage you to start with their “Almost Perfect” items; they are as durable and beautiful as their premium products and won’t break the bank. My Oversized Tote is an “Almost Perfect” item, and I can’t see one imperfection. It just keeps getting more beautiful year after year.

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