What I’m Shopping For: Fall Staples

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lady jacketIt’s October already! This is my favorite season; I love the weather, the changing colors, and the clothes. I’ve been assembling a list of timeless wardrobe staples that will never go out of style. Getting these pieces early means I can wear them for as long as possible and feel great about my look. I selected four items that will help you transition into the fall with style.


Loafers are versatile and timeless shoes that can be easily styled for any season, ranging from classic penny loafers to trendy platform lug soles. Fall is prime time loafer season, and there are so many options to choose from it’ll be hard to pick just one. Are you a traditionalist who loves the classic look of the  G.H. Bass penny loafer? Or do you prefer the edgy look of the Doc Marten Platform tassel loafer?

Take a look at some of my favorites.

Lady Jacket

Have you ever heard of the Lady Jacket? It’s been a fashion staple since the 80s, but it used to be known by a different name. Back then, it was typically made of tweed and paired with a matching skirt like a business suit, but it has since evolved. Nowadays, the Lady Jacket comes in various styles, materials, and colors while maintaining its versatility. It can be worn as a top, a third piece, or a jacket, making it a timeless piece that can be dressed up or down. I already have some of these in my closet and will order more.

Long Sleeve Dresses

Finding a dress that transitions well between seasons can be challenging, especially if you want longer sleeves and hemlines. However, I love one-and-done outfits that require minimal effort but still look stylish, and these dresses do just that. Add a cute lug sole loafer or ballet flat, and you are good to go!


During the autumn season, denim becomes even more essential in our wardrobe. A high-quality pair of wide-leg jeans can be paired with a chic lady jacket and lug-sole loafers or ballet flats for a stylish look. Another option is to go for a double-denim look by pairing a denim shirt with a pair of cowboy boots. These are some of my favorite ways to style denim for the season.

These essentials should keep you comfortable and stylish all season long.

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